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Towch® - The Original Towel Pouch™

When you need a towel, but you'd also like it to hold onto the item you're drying, you need a towel that's also a pouch... a Towch®! The first Towch® was created for disc golf (a variation of golf that uses "Frisbees" and baskets instead of the balls and holes of traditional golf). After seeing the success of the disc golf Towch®, the world of Towch® has grown and expanded its reach with more Towchtastic™ products.

Even if you're not a golfer (of either variety), you can still find many uses for a Towch®. Here are only a few examples of how others have found to use these diverse towel pouches:

  Golf Towch (Mini-Towch):   Disc Golf Towch:   Utili-Towch:
The possibilities are seamingly endless.
Please share your Towch® uses with us, so that we can share it with the world.

We're currently working on our 101 uses for a Towch® list.


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Towch® - The Original Towel Pouch™ - Golf Towel - Disc Golf Towel

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