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What Is a Towch®?

A Towch® is a simple, but ingenious product. The basics are this:

• It's a Towel
• It's a Pouch
• Thus the name Towel-Pouch... TOWCH®

The smooth outside of our towels are printable and high strength cotton. The inside is a course, looped cotton fabric for textured, cleaning power.

How Do You Use a Towch®?

You put your disc in it and wipe the disc clean without having to get your hands dirty. You can even reverse the Towch® on your hand and pick up the disc like you were picking up dog-pooh with a plastic bag, never touching the wet, dirty or muddy disc with your hand. Simply pull the disc back inside the Towch® and rub it clean from the outside. A really wet disc can simply be left inside to dry until you need it again.

In What Colors Can I Get a Towch®?

Currently, Towches® are being produced in the following colors:


• Rowdy Red
• Basic Black
• Optical Orange
• Grassy Green
• Nautical Navy
• Tempting Tyed
(Tie-Dyed Coming Soon)

• Yummy Yellow
• Carolina Clay
• Groovy Gray
• Galactic Green
• Perfect Pink
• Passionate Purple
• Wintry White (SOLD OUT)

Towch Colors.

How Else Can I Use a Towch®?

Towches® are a very diverse product, to be so simple in their concept and construction. Your Towch® can be your new:

  • Towel
• 3-Disc Bag
• Putter Pocket
• Course Litter Bag
• Stocking For Discs
• Swim Cap
• Cold-Drink Carrier
• Hat / Knit Cap / Toque
• Jacket Storage
• Snack Bag

How Much Are Towches®?

Standard, one-color Towches® have an MSRP (suggested retail price) of $11.99 each. Two-Tone Towches® are limited edition and will only be available through Towch® sponsored events or as a Team Towch® product. They will retail for around $15 each.

How Big Is a Towch®?

Our disc golf Towch® is 12.75" tall by 10.5" wide.

The traditional golf (ball-golf) version, is 7" x 7".

How Do I Talk to Someone About Towches®?

eMail us:

Contact TowchTown, USA

Call us at LuRay Textiles (the manufacturer of Towch):


Or contact your local Towch Talker™:

Towch Talkers™ Map

How Is a Towch® Better Than a Towel?

You can put your disc inside a Towch®. You can't do that with a typical golf towel, can you?

You can use the Towch® as an add-on putter pocket. Try to get the average towel to hold onto your discs for you. When you've maxxed out your bag's storage capacity, just add a Towch® for extra space.

You can wear a Towch® as a hat. No standard towel works like that, does it? Wet it in the heat of summer for a nice cool wrap. Keep it dry (and clean) for a nice set of warm ears in winter.

You can wear your Towch® as a 3-disc casual-round bag. Play a fun-round of golf with friends and carry a putter, mid and driver right inside your Towch®. You can even wear it on your belt or belt loops using the TWO included carabiners. Your old-standard cleaning device is found lacking, huh?

Where Can I Get a Towch®?

Towches® are available for order from RIGHT HERE. Shipping is FREE*:

Note Color Choice(s) Here:

Note Color Choice(s) Here:

*Free shipping is for the continental US only. If you place an order outside the US, we will contact you with the additional shipping cost required to reach your shipping location.

Disc Golf Center Currently Carries:
Disc Golf Towch® & Utili-Towch™

Towches® will be available at your local disc golf shops and your favorite online retailers, as well. They'll also be available from a select number of touring pros and at Towch® sponsored events, as part of the event's player pack.

Most players will enjoy our new "local availability program" called Towch Talkers™ which places Towches in the hands of your fellow players, club members and friends at your local course. These Talkers™ will be your local connection to the latest Towch news and latest Towch products. See our Towch Talkers™ Map to see if your area is available or if there is a local Talker already set to serve your Towch needs at your home course.

We are just now signing up Towch Talkers, so if you're interested in locking in a 2,000 square mile area in which you can individually market Towches to your local disc golfers, read more here (50% profit & up):

Towch Talker™ Sign up

Where Are Towches® Made?

Towches® are made from 100% American cotton; grown in Texas, Georgia and/or North Carolina. The cotton is spun into thread in Sanford, NC. The thread is then knitted into our custom-made 22oz fabric in North Wilkesboro, NC. The completed fabric is then dyed and finished in Statesville, NC. After being ported back to North Wilkesboro, the fabric is then die-cut, sewn, hemmed, grommeted and carabineered into your complete Towch®.

We take great pride in our American Made status. No, we can't produce them at Chinese/Walmart rates, but we can stand by our quality materials and workmanship. We love the Towch and the idea that it stands for... "An American Made Product For an American Made Game For Disc Golfers in America and Beyond to Enjoy!"

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