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Utili-Towch - e-cig carrier.Utili-Towch®: The e-Cig Towel Pouch™

Be Ready to Toke at Any Time... Utili-Towch®

You've got the latest electronic cigarette. But it isn't comfortable in your pocket. Plus, if it were to leak juice, you don't want to stain your jeans, right? So, what do you do?

Get yourself a Utili-Towch®. It's the greatest carrier for your vaporizer since hands were "invented". Free up your hands to do more important things... Like wave at your friends or text your buddies (about the great new electronic cigarette pouch you just got).

It's a looped terry towel on the inside and a smooth printed outside. 100% cotton and is absorbant as can be. Yet machine washable. 11 different colors to match your vaporizer, purse, shoes or your mood.

It also works for toting around your cell phone... Worried it won't fit your "big-new-smart-phone"? Well, the photos above show the Utili-Towch™ holding an iPhone 6+ that's already wearing an Otter Box. So, no worries. Your phone should fit.

Utili-Towch even works great to carry your pricey glasses - sun or prescription. The use as an on-hip bottle carrier is a growing trend for Utili-Towch owners. 16 ounce bottles fit inside perfectly and 20 ounce bottles fit inside snuggly. Just clip it on your hip and you're ready to sip. The Towch soaks up your drink's condensation, too!

Buy a six pack... One on each of six belt loops and you can carry your water, e-cig, glasses, e-juice, car keys and phone all at the same time - no more pockets bulged out and feeling uncomfortable.

Utili-Towches are 7.0" tall by 4.0" wide. Plenty big to fit most mega-smart-phones, ample protection for your sunglasses or a nice concealment for a bottle of your finest brew.

Each Utili-Towch includes a grommet and carabiner on the back - for easy attachment to your belt loop, purse or almost anywhere else you choose to clip it. Going golfing? Hook your new e-cig pouch on your golf bag and be ready to toke at any time.

The custom knit Towch Textile™ is made from US grown cotton, that's spun to yarn/thread in Hickory, NC. We knit the fabric here in North Wilkesboro, NC, send it off to dying and finishing in Statesville, NC, Buy A Towch.and then back here to LuRay Textiles for cutting, sewing, grommeting and carabinering. We're proud of our 100% American made product!

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Towch Tone Selector.11 Towch Tones

The selection of Towch Tones has continued to grow over the years we've been producing Towches. As of now, we manufacture 11 different Towch colors. Pick your favorite color, match your pocketbook or grab a color that your buddies will love as a birthday gift...


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