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Kneezie - Disc Golf Knee Pad.Towch® Kneezie - Disc Golf Knee Pad

You're in the middle of a disc golf tournament. You place the perfect drive. You know it's pin-high. But there, just inside the circle is a damned BUSH! Obviously many others have trampled this area prior to you. You have two options - over the bush with a turbo (that you're not quite a pro at yet) or around the bush, but that's going to require "taking a knee" - and the ground is rough, hard and rocky...

You unclip your Kneezie from your bag - no need bending up a disc for this. You place it on the ground, place your knee on top of it, lean out and BAM!! Birdie, baby!!

Kneezie™: There's not much more to add. It's a knee pad for disc golf. It meets PDGA requirements of rule 801.03 (Artificial Devices), by compressing to less than 1cm in thickness. You get two of them for less than 12 bucks... Kneezie... It's just that easy.

Clip it on your bag or clip it to your belt loop, if you tend to toss from your knees quite often. It's within easy reach when you need it. It's made of 100% cotton Towch Textile™. It's the size of your typical midrange disc. It fits in your bag or simply clips to the side.

Kneezies are 7.5" in diameter. Amply big to protect your entire knee, elbow or other groud-contact body part and the perfect size to fit in with your discs.

Each Kneezie includes a grommet and carabiner on the top - for easy attachment to your belt loop, bag or almost anywhere else you choose to clip it.

The custom knit Towch Textile™ is made from US grown cotton, that's spun to yarn/thread in Hickory, NC. We knit the fabric here in North Wilkesboro, NC, send it off to dying and finishing in Statesville, NC, Buy A Towch.and then back here to LuRay Textiles for cutting, sewing, grommeting and carabinering. We're proud of our 100% American made product!

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Kneezie - Disc Golf Knee Pad.

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Towch® Kneezie - Disc Golf Knee Pad