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Softball Towel Pouch.Softball Towch®: The Mini-Towch

The Softball Pouch: You're at the ball park. You're coaching your daughter's fast-pitch softball team. The number four batter steps up. No runs, one out and two on base. She's in the cleanup position for a reason... The first pitch goes by - STRIKE! She likes to watch the first one. Pitch number two is released from the pitcher's hand, it's on its way... BAM!! Homerun!! It's over the fence. One of the parents heads out to get it. Let's not delay the game, you reach into your team-color Softball Towch and toss the extra ball out to the pitcher. We're up 3 to nothing. Next batter!!

The Mini-Towch® works great for cleaning a wet or dirty softball, too. The Softball Towch is great for in-game backup ball storage – whether the ball is hit out foul or is a jump-ahead home run over the center-field fence. Clip your Towch on your belt-loop while your team plays and you'll forget it's even there - at least until you need it.

Softball Towches are 7.0" tall by 7.0" wide. Plenty big to fit a softball (or a baseball) into.

Each softball Towch includes a grommet and carabiner on the back - for easy attachment to your softball bag, belt loop, balkpark fence or most anywhere you choose to hang it.

The custom knit Towch Textile™ is made from US grown cotton, that's spun to yarn/thread in Hickory, NC. We knit the fabric here in North Wilkesboro, NC, send it off to dying and finishing in Statesville, NC, Buy A Towch.and then back here to LuRay Textiles for cutting, sewing, grommeting and carabinering. We're proud of our 100% American made product!

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Softball Pouch That's Also a Towel.

Towch Tone Selector.11 Towch Tones

The selection of Towch Tones has continued to grow over the years we've been producing Towches. As of now, we manufacture 11 different Towch colors. Pick your favorite color, match your team colors or grab a color that your softball coach will love to wear...


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