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Triple Towch Tourney

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This page is for Tournament Director signup only.

To find your local Triple Towch Tourney, contact the tourney director and sign up to play in a TTT, please visit our Triple Towch Tourney player's page.

Introducing Towch®
to the Masses

(And Helping You Raise Funds for Your Club, Non-Profit, Local Needy Family, School, Church or Yourself)

The game of disc golf relies on discs, but who REALLY needs more plastic in their bag/closet/shed/basement/attic/collection?

After only playing for 2 years, I'd gleened a 150+ disc collection and haven't bought a disc since. I do end up with a lot at events, however: player packs, AM prizes, CTP's, Birdie Bashes, Ace Races, etc.

So, imagine an event where the only plastic involved is that which the players BRING WITH THEM...

That's what we're offering here, it's an event like none other (in many ways, truly). It might even be THREE times different.

Here are the details...

Triple Towch® Tourney™ Basics

  • Events will be scheduled throughout the entire year of 2018 - starting in May.
  • THREE hundred events will be offered across the country - Tourney Director (TD) signup is offered below.
  • $25 locks in your event, the date and your location, as well as secures you a limited edition ($40+ value) TD pack... Exactly like the player packs (so it's the perfect promo piece to drive registrations) - plus, a TD ONLY "STAFF" shirt!!
  • Player packs will be $20 each (your cost). Shipping included.
  • Minimum event registration of ONLY 12 players. Players will pay you $25 each. TD/your discretion to the use of the $5 margin: charity, lunch, profit, etc...
  • Towch is now under new management and has access to the managing company's 22 employees!! No more delayed replies or slow production. We're rolling forward and workin' hard to make...

2018: The Year of the Towch

Player Pack To Include:

  • THREE Towches:
    • A DG Towch® ($12 value)
    • A Utili-Towch® ($7 value)
    • A Mini-Towch® ($7 value)
  • THREE Towchtastic™ Items:
    • A Towch® Mini-Scrubber™ ($2 value)
      (mini-disc-sized disc scrubber)
    • A Towch® Bottle Opener Keychain ($4 value)
    • A Towch® Sticker ($2 value)
  • A Super-Awesome Item Never-Before Released:
    • A Towch® Tosser: a warmup, indoor, form-training disc golf disc made of Towch® Textile™ ($4 value)
  • A Total of $38 Value!!!


  • Only THREE (3) discs may be used/carried + a mini disc
  • Each of the THREE Towches® in player pack must be used - (disc golf for discs, mini for mini, Utili for phone or glasses, etc)
  • Each throw (per hole) must use a different disc - any 4th shot must be made with your mini disc (or Towch Tosser) - Example; shot one is made with the driver you brought along, shot two with your mid-range and shot three uses your putter; your fourth shot (greater than THREE) must be made using your mini-disc (Or Towch Tosser). Any shot more than 4 rotates back to the same discs used - in the same order. Of course if your putt with a mini hits chains and falls THROUGH the cage, it counts. So, your goal during this TRIPLE TOURNEY is to shoot THREE or less. :)

Scores Will Equate to Points:

  • Albatross = 8 (x2 if an ace; par 4)
  • Eagle = 5 (x2 if an ace; par 3)
  • Birdie = 3/THREE (x2 if an ace; par 2)
  • Par = 1
  • Bogie = 0
  • Double Bogie = -1
  • Triple Bogie = -3/Negative THREE
  • Quadruple Bogie = -4
  • (Anything triple bogie or more on any given hole results in negative points equal to the number of shots over par; ex, 5 over = -5, 7 over = -7, 10 over = -10.)

Event Will Be THREE (just kidding) TWO (2) Rounds
(of 18 Holes each or whatever your course offers)

  • CTP, Long Putt prizes will be included; to be used/divided at TD's discretion.
  • SCORECARDS ARE INCLUDED (for easy math)
  • Highest score in each division wins!!

THREE players per card (adjusted to 4 only when players back out/no-show). Thus, your maximum attendance will be the number of starting holes times 3. Not your typical 72 player event, but most will be 54. This will allow for easier math, more room on the card and less wait on the course.

Tourney Setup:

THREE Divisions (but hopefully four):

  • Transcendent (Pro & Advanced)
  • Timeless (Masters & Grandmasters)
  • Tenacious (Intermediate & Recreational)
  • Terrific (Ladies & Youth: we hope each event will have this terrific fourth division...)

Each division plays from their respective tees (when/where available):

  • pro = gold
  • advanced= blue
  • intermediate/masters/gm = white
  • rec/ladies/youth = red

Titanic Time Towch prize for each event's "dead last player" (worst overall score - no matter the division.

Prizes for the top 20% of all players in event (divided by division and based on total number of player packs ordered by TD).

Prizes Can Include:

  • "I Had a Towchtastic Time (and Won, too)" Towches
  • Towch® T-Shirts
  • Limited Edition Disc Golf Towches® (Tie Dyed?!??)
  • Extra Towch® Tossers™
  • Extra Mini-Towches®
  • Extra Utili-Towches®
  • Extra Mini-Scrubbers™
  • Extra Towch Stickers

Prizes Should Be Awarded/Chosen (as such):

  • Draw each division from a hat (3 or 4) - to ensure fairness
  • The winner of the first division drawn chooses first
  • The winner of the second division drawn chooses next
  • The winner of the third division drawn chooses third (& then 4th)
  • Continue in the order drawn for 2nd place finishers
  • After 2nd place chooses, here's a good place to allow CTP, long putt, ring of fire, etc. winners grab theirs (draw the markers randomly from the pile to again ensure fairness)
  • Now continue with divisions' (in order drawn) 3rd place finishers and onward - be sure (as the TD) you do the math during down-time to determine the number of places "paid" in each division;
  • Total number of players in the division times 0.2 equals # of players to give prizes to in that division — always round down
  • In the event you feel the "coolest prizes" are gone, feel free to gang up stuff or if you end up with leftovers, you can give to players beyond your calculated payout level in some divisions

Any other questions, feel free to ask by emailing us here.


Triple Towch® Tourney Director Sign-Up

Ready to get on-board? Let's do this thing... Give us your details, pay $25 (or $28 if you require an XXL or XXXL shirt) and you're instantly a TTT TD...

Be sure to include all information you want posted on our event listing page/directory.

For your (and our) safety, we can ONLY ship your TD pack to the address we are provided with your payment, so be sure to provide the address at which you are looking to receive it.

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