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Towch Mini-Scrubber.Towch® Mini-Scrubber

Our Mini-Scrubber was created to scrub off stuck on dirt from your golf balls, golf clubs or from your disc golf discs, but they can be used to scrub off dirt from pretty much anything. They're smooth and imprinted Towch Textile™ on one side and looped terry fabric on the other. They can be used as furniture sliders, coasters, etc.

They are 3.5" in diameter and available in all 11 Towch Textile™ colors.

Available in 10 packs or up to 100. The more you buy, the more you save.

Buy A Towch.Ready to buy some Towch Mini-Scrubbers™ items? We've made it easy...

Traditional Golf Towch.

Towch Tone Selector.11 Towch Tones

The selection of Towch Tones has continued to grow over the years we've been producing Towches. As of now, we manufacture 11 different Towch colors. Pick your favorite color, match your Towch or grab a mix of all 11 colors to sell them to your buddies on the course...


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Towch® Mini-Scrubbers - Scrub It Clean with a Mini-Scrubber