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Kneezie - Disc Golf Knee Pad.Towch® Tie-Ups — Golfer's Headband

You're in the middle of a tournament. It's hot. Sweat is pouring off your head and into your eyes. Uggh. What to do!?? Oh yeah!! I've got my Towch Tie-Up™ in my bag. Wrap it around your head dry to catch the sweat and keep your hair out of your eyes or wet the Tie-Up at the next spigot/cooler and you've got the ultimate in cooling wraps...

No matter how you use it, you'll enjoy promoting the Towch® brand while playing a round of golf in your new Tie-Up. Are they fancy? No. High fashion? No. Better than wearing a Disc Golf Towch® on your head? Indeed!

Tie-Ups are folded to about 2.5" tall and are at minimum 30" in length (some are longer and can easily be cut to length with scissors). They're each amply long enough to go around even my size 7-3/4 head - with length remaining to tie it.They can be unfolded and used as a do-rag, as well - helping to protect your scalp from the sun's damaging rays and showing Buy A your inner gangsta...

Each Tie-Up includes a Towch® logo imprinted on the front.

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Kneezie - Disc Golf Knee Pad.

Various Colors Available

The selection of colors available for tie-ups is somewhat limitless... As you've seen a PLETHORA (yes, I learned that word from ¡Three Amigos!) of options for t-shirt colors, you've got about the same color list for tie-ups. They are cut from overrun tubular jersey material (t-shirt fabric). So, in the text box below, please list your top color choices in list of priority and how many of each you'd like to receive, leave the colors up to random selection - or all of one color works, too.


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Towch® Tie-Ups — Golfer's Headband