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Traditional Golf Towch.Traditional Golf Towch®: The Mini-Towch

The Ball Pouch: The summer prior to our creator having the idea of a towel that also served as a pouch, he played golf with his dad EVERY WEEK... Interestingly enough his dad severely broke his foot that "fall" (no pun intended :), which gave him the down-time the next summer to create the Towch®. Once the Towch® came to fruition, it was only a couple weeks before we were prototyping a smaller version of the original - to be used for carrying and cleaning golf balls.

Other TGT Uses:

  • Baseball coaches are keeping an extra ball in their Towch in case of homerun hits and foul balls outside the fence
  • In winter, folks are clipping a Towch on each hip for easy access to their hand warmers (HotHands®) while outdoors
  • Tennis players use a Towch clipped to their back to keep an extra ball within reach
  • Disc golfers use a Mini-Towch to carry a baseball with them on the course to retrieve discs that get stuck in a tree — much safer than tossing rocks and sticks into the air

The Mini-Towch® works great for picking up an extra-muddy, wet or dirty ball. Just reverse the Towch® on your hand like you'd reverse a bag for picking up dog-pooh and pick up the ball without ever getting your hand messy. Flip it rightside out with the ball still inside and wipe, rub and roll it clean. The Golf Towch will easily hold half a dozen balls, but is truly only intended for a couple. Clip it on your belt-loop while you play and you'll forget it's even there - at least until you need it.

Golf Towches are 7.0" tall by 7.0" wide. Plenty big to fit a couple golf balls into. You could even stick your wallet in it if you needed to.

Each golf Towch includes a grommet and carabiner on the back - for easy attachment to your golf bag, belt loop or most anywhere you choose to hang it.

The custom knit Towch Textile™ is made from US grown cotton, that's spun to yarn/thread in Hickory, NC. We knit the fabric here in North Wilkesboro, NC, send it off to dying and finishing in Statesville, NC, Buy A Towch.and then back here to LuRay Textiles for cutting, sewing, grommeting and carabinering. We're proud of our 100% American made product!

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Traditional Golf Towch.

Towch Tone Selector.11 Towch Tones

The selection of Towch Tones has continued to grow over the years we've been producing Towches. As of now, we manufacture 11 different Towch colors. Pick your favorite color, match your golf bag or grab a color that your dad will love as a father's day gift...


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